• About the company

    Company Krzysztof Makowski Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration Systems, operating on the Polish market since the beginning of 2000, specializes in the modernization of industrial ammonia installations as well as their supervision. Few people know of ammonia as much as we do.
  • Refrigeration - our passion

    We are the company that treats the cooling with passion and dedication to freeze and cool products of our customers, giving satisfaction to them as well as their final consumers. We work mainly in the food industry, since we do not tolerate food waste.
  • In harmony with nature

    Being aware of social, economic and environmental responsibility, we try not to harm the environment in which we live. Our technical expertise allows us to act neutral on ecosystem and focus on sustainable development, in which we deeply believe and support.
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6R rule in refrigeration

We successfully introduce the 6R principle:
  • Reuse where possible we try to repair rather than replace old machines
  • Reduce we design systems with the aim of reducing the use of the medium while operating at highest efficiency
  • Recycle we always try to re-process the worn equipment
  • Replace where possible we use new substitutes
  • Rethink installation design based on innovation

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Executive developement and supervision

We develop all type of studies on refrigeration and supervise the exploitation.
Knowledge, diligence and accuracy directly influence the quality of our services.


In collaboration with certified unit UDT-CERT we provide conformity assessment of pressure equipment referred to in Directive 97/23 / EC in the following areas:
  • Research project EC-module B1
  • Product Review - Module F
  • EC unit verification - module G
  • Examination of the dossier

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